Responsibilities for corporations

If you have a corporation or partnership registered in the state of Florida or another state, you should know the following.

Below are the responsibilities and activities that must be completed beginning the fiscal year:

  • Annual renewal in the state where it was incorporated
    • In this process you can make the appropriate changes, such as removing or adding a member, manager or director.
    • You can also update the addresses of the corporation or authorized members
    • Very important, part of this obligation also includes the designation of the Registered Agent
      • What is a Registered Agent? A Florida registered agent is required by law to officially create a business in the state of Florida. The registered agent receives all official documentation from the State of Florida . It also receives any notification that the company may receive in a judicial process. The registered agent is the person or entity in the charter responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents such as service of process or claims, annual reports, and other correspondence on behalf of a business.
  • Annual minutes, amendments, conversions and modifications
    • It is the obligation of each active corporation to prepare annually or when the case warrants it, a meeting to leave in writing any important change in the configuration of their corporations.
    • These changes must be added to the Operating Agreements or Bylaws in writing and must be signed by all partners.
  • Dissolution and disincorporation:
    • If it is the case that the shareholders have decided to dissolve a corporation, this must be recorded in a minute and must be equally notified to both the IRS and the state where it is incorporated.
  • Payroll Updates:
    • All employees must update the W4 forms in the month of January, so that any changes are effective as of that month.
    • Notify the addition of any new employee
  • Subcontracted:
    • Update the W9 in case of any change of address or tax identification number.
  • Financial Statements:
    • You must reconcile bank accounts, reconcile accounts receivable, accounts payable, issue financial statements that will be used in preparing the tax return
  • Tax return:
    • The filing dates, as well as the tax payments are: Before March 15 (Partnerships or LLC with 2 or more members and S-Corps), and before April 15 (C corporations, Partnerships with a single member, as well as individual)

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