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Strategize and pivot to optimize the performance of your business.

The accounting needs of your business may not be adequately met. MG Services provides booking bookkeeping services to optimize the performance of your business via innovative tools to masterfully assess financial positions, allowing you to strategize and pivot at any time.

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We put the focus back on clients

Financial Reporting & Planning

Maximize your client relationships by leaving the financial reporting and planning to us.

Focus on what makes your business so successful by allowing MG Services to do your financial reporting and planning. Limited internal resources can make meeting reporting deadlines and requirements a significant challenge. We provide comprehensive master accounting, tax services and accounting solutions.

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From basic to complicated, MG Services takes care of everything

Individual Tax Preparation

Get ahead of the tech curve with our innovative tools to save your money and increase your returns.

MG Services is known for extensive experience in personal income tax return filing. From a simple W2, self-employment income, rental, or investments income, to overseas investments, we can help you with tax returns ranging from basic to complicated. Our innovative tools, professionalism and attention to each detail puts you ahead of the curve. When possible, tax returns are electronically filed.

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We efficiently optimize your business tax return

Business Tax Preparation

We consult on small-to medium-size incorporated businesses.

There are numerous tax benefits when owning an incorporated business. Make sure you reap them all with MG Services. We provide full accounting and tax services for small- and medium-size businesses, reviewing your tax structure to ensure maximum efficiency optimizing your tax return. Full tax consulting services are provided for more complex incorporated businesses.

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Payroll does not have to be a challenge

Payroll Services

Effectively manage payroll with the innovations and cost-effectiveness of MG Services.

Employees are the heart of every business. Managing payroll requires keen focus and consistent attention to detail, which can be challenging. If payroll is difficult for you, MG Services is your solution with improved and innovative, cost-effective ways to manage your payroll.

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Successfully own your business

Business Consulting

Make the right decisions when it comes to planning, strategy and financial consulting.

MG Services is committed to thoroughly understanding your tax situation in order to meet your precise financial needs and objectives.

Starting a business can be exciting and scary. Successfully be your own boss by allowing MG Services to assist you with every financial decision and detail, with a multitude of realistic options to consider. Our expertise allows us to see the bigger picture so you can strategize through every step of starting your business.
One of the first decisions to make is understanding and selecting the best type of business entity for you. Our extensive knowledge and experience help you make the important decisions to fit your goals and vision.

We can serve you in any business planning and strategy, as well as financial consulting.

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